Having a search engine optimization for a newly build a website, other businesses can be overawed because of the number of information out there. Most of the time, if they an experienced in-house SEO or consultant, will not provide assistance for them, they will do nothing about it. But starting your website’s SEO right away is possible even without the help of a professional.

Here are the following steps in making SEO works on your website;

On-Site SEO Basics

Most important element for SEO usually happens on your website and it is fundamental.  SEO will allow you to place your website properly so that it can be found at even in the most unfavorable points in the selling process or when people needed your site in searching of what they are looking for. There may be a lot of link building offers around but it isn’t going to be effective for long. Below are the plain minimum on-site optimization elements that you should remember on your website’s main pages,  especially the homepage.

The Golden Rule of On-Site Optimization

Before we start, just keep in mind that when using the SEO elements you should not exaggerate it. Avoid putting too much word onto your pages. Lately, Google has restrained too much – optimization penalty that singles out websites that have too many keywords thing onto a page.It would much better to make the keyword optimization plain and simple that be understood by people in different walks of life. If you can’t think of what keywords to use, getting ideas from  Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool to get suggestions is acceptable.

Title Tag

A title tag is the one that identifies the title of a web page and is displayed on search engine results pages. It usually the one tells the search engines what your page is all about. The title tag consists of 70 characters or less and the business name, brand name and keywords related to your page is already included.

Meta Description

The meta description main purpose is to make the people visiting Google to click your link. It’s there to generate clickthroughs from search engines provides a few insights into what your page is all about. The Meta description should be unique and contain structured content. Using your business or brand name and keywords in both the title and meta description is a big help so that your search results bulge out to the searcher when they are looking for those terms.

Using WordPress

Using WordPress on making your website is easier for you. WordPress software, once installed on a server, provides a lot of tools for building and managing websites and it also works in different types of sites. Designing websites, adding title tags and meta descriptions to your pages is easy using free plugins present in WordPress.

Title Tag and meta description are not the only important SEO elements. Additional On-Site SEO Elements that could use your website’s page content to help further search optimization are the internal links, header tags, Image Name & ALT Tags, and Bolded Text. Having familiar with these would be of a great help for your website to be known.